As seen in Sunday Mail’s Escape, The Australian, BNE Magazine & Broadsheet, The Goodnight Co. has successfully launched Sleep Retreats and is now hosting this content in a Workshop format. 

Our Workshops are created for those with disrupted sleeping patterns and is the perfect opportunity to understand more about sleep and creating your ritual. We should spend almost a third of your life asleep, and we need to. Sleep is where your body finds balance for its many functions, from the emotional to the cognitive, all the way to the immune system.

The Sleep Workshop will encompass talks and movement sessions by our sleep experts, providing a holistic approach to setting yourself up for a deeper sleep. As you accompany us on this sleep journey, we encourage you to make the most of unplugging to discover exactly how improving your sleep can not only make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, but ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

We have designed our Workshop to be as educational and holistic as possible. This program is designed to be hosted as a half day session over 2.5 hours, including breaks - or as a shorter 45 minute session. 


Foot Soak & Guided Meditation

Science of Sleep

Sleep Slow Down: Your Lifestyle


Sleep Eats: Your Food

Sleep Space: Creating Your Ritual


Depending on your industry and group, we can tailor our Sleep Workshops to cover more relevant topics - such as shift work, jet lag, high pressure corporate environments, or parenthood.


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45 Minute Workshop


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As acknowledged by the Australian Government’s recent sleep inquiry, sleep needs to be made a priority and treated with the same importance as fitness and nutrition when it comes to the health of Australians. Hosted by Co-Founder, Shea Morrison, our workshop hone in on a combination of wellness and sleep education.


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Disrupted sleepers usually fall into three categories:

1. Can’t Fall Asleep
2. Wake Up Often
Poor Quality Sleep

The Goodnight Co.’s Sleep Workshops are more than just a talk - your audience will learn how to prioritise sleep as we give them all the tools they need to transform the way they sleep forever.

2.5 Hour Workshop


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Hosting a conference? 
Looking to boost employee productivity?
Running a wellness workshop?

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Sleep Workshops Available Australia Wide

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With team wellbeing the most important pillar of your business success, I can’t recommend The Goodnight Company’s Corporate Sleep Workshop more highly. As a team, we were able to focus on the importance of sleep, understand how we can better integrate and balance our daily lives and got to know each other a little more. Gone are the days of boozy lunches for team building. Sleep is where it’s at!

- Kim, KlickX, Founder



Emporium Workshop

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